Introducing the Course Coach Accelerator

  • Have leads finding YOU (even while you sleep) without being chained to your laptop or smartphone.

  • Nurture your audience without constantly grinding out free content or hosting live events.

  • Create the excitement & high-conversions of live launching without any of the stress or risk to your revenue.

  • Quickly turn leads into raving fans and happy new clients every single day without sales calls, DM selling, or any of the icky tactics.

All AUTOMATICALLY- just create it once, turn it on, and watch the magic happen.

What would it mean for your business & life if you could...

...have dreamy clients buying from you every single day and watch the sales come in even while you're off on vacation or playing with your kids?

What would it mean to you to create consistent, reliable (& scalable) revenue without having to hustle on social media or be glued to your laptop & smartphone?

What would it mean to you if you could unplug fully from your business whenever you want and know without a doubt that your revenue is still growing while you're away?

Implement the System That Generates a Steady Stream of High-Quality Leads + Sells (& Scales) My Premium Offer Every Single Day On Autopilot!

In 2019, I worked 60+ hours a week (sometimes more during launch periods) marketing my coaching program and doing sales and 1:1 calls.

In 2020, I hit the energy & income wall HARD.

So I built out several different sales funnel systems (based on what other people were teaching) and brought 100's of leads into my DM's. But nothing solved the problem of me having to show up constantly in the DM's & on sales calls.

Then, I created and implemented the fully automated lead gen, sales, & client onboarding system we teach in the Course Coach Accelerator.

And what happened next?

I created consistent, reliable cash flow with daily sales & scaled my business revenue by 30X in less than 6 months

(without posting on social media, chatting in the DM's, doing sales calls, or live launching)!

What would it mean to you to have premium paying clients enrolling into your program every single day WITHOUT you having to lift a finger?

What is the Course Coach Accelerator?

The Course Coach Accelerator is a high-touch live group coaching program (and a 16-module, self-paced online course) that helps coaches & consultants create & launch an evergreen, high-ticket group coaching program & fully automated lead gen, sales, & client onboarding machine that effectively sells your offer every day on autopilot so you can run your business with ease, ditch the sales & marketing hustle for good, and stop trading hours for dollars.

It works by having an offer that allows people to join on a rolling basis, by knowing your ideal clients better than they know themselves & showing them the right offer, delivered in the right way, and at the perfect time. With CCA, you just create it once, turn it on, and watch the magic happen.

ONE Irresistible, Evergreen High-Ticket Offer

No more juggling multiple offers (and all the marketing required to sell it). Know the key signals that tell you what your ideal clients want to learn (and pay you for) and how to package up your valuable knowledge & expertise into a high-ticket offer with an online course (so people see you as the expert, people can join when they're ready, and you can scale without limits while working a LOT less).

ONE Piece of Powerful Marketing That Actually Works!

Learn how to write (& deliver) scroll-stopping copy and structure your marketing so it grabs their attention, generates excitement, nurtures them, turns cold leads into raving fans, & drives daily sales of your coaching program without live launching or giving any valuable content, time, or energy away for free.

A Done-For-You Fully Automated System for Scaling Limitlessly

The tech is pre-built, all on one platform! Paste your messaging into the funnel, turn it on, and watch the magic happen - drives traffic to your offer & quickly turns cold leads into paying clients every single day on autopilot (so you can ditch the sales & marketing hustle for good).

You just create it once, turn it on, and watch the magic happen.

The Course Coach Accelerator Is NOT...

It's NOT - One-To-One Or Traditional Group Coaching

If your goal is to create consistent, reliable (& scalable) revenue WHILE having the time freedom to do what you want with your life, then these business models are NOT the way to go.

It's NOT - Live Launching, Challenges, or Boot Camps

Tired of blowing up your life every few months and showing up for people who haven't paid you for your valuable content only to end up with inconsistent results?

It's NOT - Traditional Automated Webinars & Emails

You can send out emails until you're blue in the face and create pretty webinars, but if they aren't converting, it's not because they're automated. It's the strategy and the messaging that aren't working.

It's NOT - Sales Calls or DM Selling

No one wants to get on a call anymore. And chatting in the DM's keeps us constantly checking our phone instead of being fully present in our lives. Booking out your calendar with sales calls and missing precious family moments while chatting in the DM's - these are completely unnecessary when you have the right strategy & system in place.

It's NOT - Organic Marketing or Posting on Social Media

Don't want to spend your life creating content and posting on social media trying to find leads and new clients? There's a much better, easier, and faster way!


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